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1. Universal Design Website with control panel

Based on our vast experience in delivering the web and mobile solution we have build a product that precisely suits you.


One central website to convey everything you wish to say to your fans, customers or any audience across the world. No need to share so many links of youtube, Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Your website represents you, your creation & your business which is easy to remember.


Product Offering Details

  1. dot com name of your choice which represents your name.
  2. Hosting space to create pages about you with lots of Photos.
  3. Our software is optimised for Google and other search engines to make you famous fast.
  4. We not only give you website but list in various online directories.
  5. All will be served from high performance server which loads the pages very fast.
  6. Your website automatically fits on large Computer display or Small Mobile device.
  7. Universal Design suitable for desktop & mobile devices
  8. Image slider on top gives opportunity to showcase something important
  9. Ability by visitor to comment or reach out to owner without spamming.
  10. Your personal analytics to track usage of website
  11. Separate page for each feature with keywords, description & SEO targeting.

This is something nobody will offer you, we give you account to update your website anytime any number of times. Updating your website is as easy as typing an e-mail. Now you can tell your event plan to your fans in advance.

Add ons, ready to use plugable features

  • Page with YouTube Channel integration 
  • Twitter Updates page
  • FaceBook Updates page
  • Music Albums Page
  • eBook reader Page
  • Events Update Page
  • Blog Engine
  • Products Listing with Whatsapp order
  • Products listing with Affiliate links
  • Photo Gallery with ability show exif information, captial, description & GPS location

All these and many more features comes to you at unbelievable affordable cost. Please call us for the best offer.

New: Special Template available for Restaurants and Hotels with full control over menu & prices.


"Our best creation where we offer pre-build software in à la carte design. You pay only for what you use. This makes everything so simple & cost effective."


2. CRM for custom tailoring garment business

3. On Demand Video Streaming solution for Media House

4. epaper package for online newspaper reading


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